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July 1, 2020 0 By admin

NEW DELHI: In response to China blocking access to Indian newspapers and websites, Indian print and digital news publishers have asked the Centre to ban all news apps and platforms with Chinese investments.
Shailesh Gupta, president of the Indian Newspaper Society, said Indian newspapers and websites cannot be accessed even through virtual private network (VPN) as the Chinese government had raised a technologically advanced firewall.
The INS chief called China’s action “uncalled-for” and urged the Indian government to “expeditiously” ban all access to Chinese media in India and terminate collaborations and investments by the Chinese in local news outlets.
The demand for tough retaliation against the Chinese companies was supported by the Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA). Pawan Agarwal, head of DNPA, said that the government should extend the ban on the 59 Chinese apps to all news apps/platforms that have received Chinese investments to ensure “biased information” doesn’t reach Indian users. “It is time we considered upholding India’s security and sovereignty the utmost priority”, he added.
China’s move, which is in keeping with the consistent efforts of the Communist rulers in Beijing to prevent its people from getting “uncensored” news, comes amid the confrontation India along the LAC.
The Chinese government has been accused by independent observers of trying to keep under wraps the losses suffered the PLA during a violent clash with the Indian Army at Galwan on the night of June 15.
Indian newspapers & websites cannot be accessed even through VPN as the Chinese govt has raised an advanced firewall.

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